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"The Prairie King"
The Story of the American West's Greatest Gamebird

Absolutely no bird signifies wingshooting on the Great Western American frontier more than the Greater Prairie Chicken.  Prairie Grouse hunting is rapidly catching on with wingshooters as the grandest of all wingshooting and the only true native wingshooting of the west.  The wild and wary Prairie Chicken (Chikin) carrys a reputation as one of the most challenging game species you'll hunt with a shotgun.  The very name Prairie King Winshooting comes from the Chikin's label as the "King of the Prairie".

Fast Action........The prairie chicken will test the skills of the most accomplished shotgunner.  3 inch shells are the standard for this wary bird that often flushes at the edge of a 12 guage's range.

Once numbering in the millions and spread out across the western plains, the  Greater Prairie Chicken can now be found in huntable numbers in only a few places due to extensive pasturing of western prairies and cultivation.  Prairie King is the last best place to hunt where you can expect to limit out on most days.  The best prairie chicken hunting can be expected from the season opener in mid September until mid october.  At this time the birds are in small groups and are more easily approachable.  After mid October the prairie grouse have  gathered into their winter flocks and it becomes much harder to find approachable Prairie Chicken or Sharptail.  However, the feathers of the young birds are more suitable for mounting at this time, so you'll shoot fewer birds, but more of them will be fully plumed.

Rare Bird........There's no more majestic trophy than a breeding pair of the Greater Prairie Chicken.
More fun than you'll have all year........Prairie dogs make a great combo species with a prairie grouse hunt.

If you have hunted prairie chickens without much success, you need to give us a call and experience the best in prairie chicken hunting.  If you've never hunted prairie chicken, you need to do it.  The vast majority of our clients say it is the most exhilarating and satisfying wingshooting they've ever experienced.  This hunt makes a great combination with prairie dog shooting. 



Call us to arrange your exclusive hunt for this rare bird, and enter the ranks of the few that have successfully hunted "The Prairie King".

A Cowboy's spirit.........The Prairie Chicken cannot be raised.  It's one of those truly wild species that will either exist wild or not exist at all.  Just like the spirit of the cowboy of the american west.
Real wingshooting........While most wingshooters in america have given up on real wingshooting in favor of preserve hunting of non-native species, it's nice to know there is still a place for a true wingshooter to go to experience the same thrill that the cowboy of the american west  once indulged in.
Desolate..........just like the american west once was.  The sandhills that the Prairie Chicken inhabit give you the feeling "what could there be out here"  and then it happens.  A big male chicken rises out of the grass and over the corn, clucking loudly as a warning call.  Just like the american pioneers, the Prairie Chicken makes a living in a place you wouldn't expect.

A clutch to be proud of.......Two wingshooters with a day's limit in just 3 hours.

The secret to Prairie King's success............ Cornfields in the sandhills!  Instead of hiking three miles between rises, like you often have to in the sandhills, we hunt around irrigated cornfields that concentrates the birds by mid september.  Often we will get several rises at a single field.

A day's limit........... Limiting out on these rare birds even once in your life anywhere else is a great wingshooting accomplishment.  At Prairie King, it's the norm.

Knowing where and when to find them........  Our Prairie Chicken guides have hiked these areas all their lives.  Chikin huntin is as much of a fall tradition in Nebraska as husker football, but we have found our Chikin huntin to be a lot more consistent.  Pictured above is Prairie King guide Butch Sojka with a limit in 2 hours!
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