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World Famous Turkey Hunts
Since 1991 Gobble-n-Grunt has been providing ridiculously high success rate merriam's turkey hunts to our guests. With so many hunters traveling to complete Grand, Royal and World slams, our camps have become the most popular and successful camps for hunters in search of a merriams turkey. [view our harvest statistics]
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More hunters have harvested their merriam turkey at Gobble n Grunt Outfitter's camps than any other turkey camp in the U.S.

Our success rate has been so good that we started guaranteeing our spring shotgun turkey hunts. We want you to know that this is no ordinary turkey hunt. Not only are you going to experience exceptional hospitality, plenty of elbow room on 70,000 acres, scenic properties, and excellent meals and accomodations, but you are also going to have plenty of opportunity to harvest your gobbler!


If God made a heaven for turkey hunters.....it would look like northcentral Nebraska! James Brion
70,000 acres of turkey heaven! [scenic gallery]

This guaranteed turkey hunt has caused quite a fuss. We've had hunters and outfitters call us to ask us why or how we can make such a guarantee. The fact is, we can make that guarantee because of our tremendous bird numbers. Time and time again our guests comment that they've never seen or heard so many turkeys and didn't know that such a turkey hunting mecca existed.
[read the guarantee]

When Choosing a date to hunt keep a couple of things in mind. In April the birds have not completely split up so you will be hunting near large numbers of birds. Therefore the use of a blind, which we provide, will be necessary in many cases. The reason for this is that in April you have a lot of birds around you most of the time, which makes it nearly impossible to sit perfectly still long enough to let the birds that you don't want to shoot, pass by and your gobbler come into range. Remember, when you start calling during this time of year it is not uncommon to have groups of jakes of up to 20 or more come in on you while the gobbler struts and displays for just out of range. You need the flock to pass by without putting, in order to get your gobbler. Not all setups in April are this way, but a lot of them are. Additionally, the calling in April is light flock type calling. You are mostly calling to the flock and not an individual gobbler. In May, however, the flocks have completely split up and the hunting changes dramatically. This is a good time for an active hunter to hunt with us. Traditional locate calling, walking, and cut and run techniques become more common. Quite simply, if you are a patient hunter, patient caller, you'll love April and the fantastic gobbling and bird densities you'll experience. If you are not so patient and like to stretch your legs more, May will suit you better. Many folks like to come hunting with us at the same time every year, while others like to come in April one year and May the next, to experience a different type of hunting technique. Additionally, some hunters fall in love with a certain camp and rebook that camp every year, while others like to change camps every year.

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Spring turkey dates: Archery: late March to mid May. Shotgun: Mid April to Mid May.
Pricing: click here.
Fall turkey: Mid October-Dec 31

Whatever your turkey hunting experience, or preferences, we can help you decide when to come and which camp you'd be most suited to, so give us a call and we'll get you in the right place at the right time!

For more information on our turkey hunts, [click here] to visit our FAQs (frequently asked questions) page.
Reserve your spot at the roost.
Don't let the sun go down on your turkey hunt. Call us today to reserve your spot for next spring. Incredible bird densities, unmatched success, hospitality and a our shot opportunity guarantee have made this America's hottest turkey hunt. You might find a cheaper turkey hunt, but you won't find one better!  Check Dates
A gobbler roosts at sunset at Gobble n Grunt

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We Guarantee our
Turkey Hunts! [learn more]



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