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Our Guarantee
"If you do not get a shot opportunity at a mature gobbler while on a spring shotgun turkey hunt with us, you come back, on us for a one bird hunt within two years."
How can we possibly make such a guarantee?
    Well, the fact is we would not be able to if it weren't for the fact that we probably have the highest turkey density in the Nation!  In fact, since 1991 we have only had to bring back 1 hunter out of nearly 1000 of the guests that we've hosted in all of our camps.
We simply have an incredible number of birds!!  All of the photos you see on this site are taken on our leases.
In order for us to make such a solid guarantee to our turkey hunters, our guests simply have to do their part by abiding by a few common sense conditions:

1)  You have to hunt a full three days.  (If you have to leave early for some reason, we cannot guarantee your hunt.)
2)  You have to cooperate with your guide. 
(You have to hunt as your guide suggests.  That may mean sitting in a blind, or cutting into a cedar tree.)    
3)  You have to hunt separately(Some folks request that they hunt together without a guide present.  We always try to accomodate those requests, but of course those hunts will not be guaranteed since we do not offer, nor guarantee an unguided hunt)
4)  Filmed hunts do not qualify for the guarantee(We also have a video production company and understand that capturing a successful hunt on film is almost exactly 4 times harder than simply harvesting an animal.)

That's it.  Fair enough?  There's nothing funny here, we just require that our guests do their part by hunting  hard.

No one else can make such a guarantee!
Gobble 'n Grunt Outfitters, LLC
Chris Colfack, Outfitter
Mike Zmek, Outfitter
608 Pawnee Ave, Genoa, NE 68640
Information and Booking: (402) 459-5823 email: Chris@gobblengrunt.com
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